TLC is provided with modern systems of dispatching, handling equipment and special equipment, as well as computer and communication systems providing terminal cargo handling, operational customs cleaning and execution of the necessary permits of any kind.

The main function of the TLC is to service existing road and rail traffic flows through the Ferry complex, with the subsequent attraction of new transit flows.

The composition of the TLC

Temporary storage
Container sites
Closed storage facilities
Accumulated parking for cars

Loading and unloading sites
Specialized storage sites
Administrative building
Associated Infrastructure

Our services

cargo processing
cross docking
customs services and insurance
storage and distribution of goods

About us

TLC Sarzha is located on the territory of the international port of Kuryk in the Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

The Investment Project provides for the construction and launch of a Class “A” transport and logistics center in the port of Kuryk, Mangystau Oblast, providing logistics and storage services on a total area of 18 hectares.


Karakiyansky district, Kuryk, st. T. Aliyev, building 501.

+7 777 204 0217
+7 771 817 3211